Do you want to save rabbit lives through education, rescue and adoption?  Do you have what it takes to be a Rabbit Ambassador?  Everyone has talents, skills and resources that can help the mission of Alamo City House Rabbits.   You don’t have to have rabbit experience or currently have companion rabbits in your home to volunteer – your commitment and willingness to learn are all that’s required to make a great Rabbit Ambassador! 

Alamo City House Rabbits operates as a foster-based rescue, adoption and education organization through 100% volunteer time and effort.  ​We need volunteers for all aspects of the work and for any amount of time.  What interests you?


Fostering is our greatest need.  We do not have a brick & mortar shelter to house our rescues; we operate as a foster-based rescue and rely on our foster homes to house all rescue rabbits.  This can be a great blessing to our rescue rabbits because as a fosterer, you provide a rescue rabbit with a stable, loving home until an adopter gives them a permanent place to call their own.  A foster does not have to have prior rabbit experience.  We can teach anyone to care for rabbits; you bring the love and commitment!  In fact, fostering can be a great way to meet many different rabbits and enjoy each of their fun personalities without the 10 – 12 year commitment of adoption.  Foster assignments can be short-term (1 to 4 months) or long-term (4 months till adoption).  Do you want to learn more and apply to be a foster home?  Go to Fostering FAQ and Volunteer Sign Up Form 

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Behind the scene work keeps the group functioning and gets administrative work done and events planned.  Each committee requires 2 to 3 members, in addition to a Committee head who is a member of the Board of Directors.  The following committees are being formed:   Fiesta Medal Committee, Yearly Audit Committee, and Bunny Yoga Committee.


A lot of ACHR’s growth has been through simple paper flyers and word of mouth.  If you have 3 to 5 hours per month, a car, and love to talk about house rabbits, then you can act as a Community Outreach volunteer.  You would be responsible for posting ACHR flyers at pet stores, vet clinics and on public bulletin boards at coffee shops, bookstores and universities, plus talking to store managers and clinic staff, or answering questions from customers.  We would appreciate it if our Community Outreach volunteers could print flyers, as well as supply push pins / a stapler / tape.


Online pet adoption websites are a powerful way to connect with adopters.  All ACHR fosters are listed on our AdoptaPet profile.  Do you enjoy working online?  Can you write interesting and compelling biographies for the adoptable rabbits on our AdoptaPet listings, upload cute photos and video, and update their profiles?  Do you have a reliable computer or access to one?  Help us get rabbits noticed and adopted.

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Did you know ACHR has an Instagram and Twitter feed?  Social media is only as effective as the constant flow of information, posts and updates.  Can you provide daily, relevant content and photos to these two platforms?  Photos and posts should be directly related to the activities and upcoming events at ACHR, its rescue rabbits, information about rabbit care and behavior.


Throughout the year ACHR is contacted by concerned citizens who find loose rabbits in their neighborhoods but are unable to catch them.  Would you like to join a rabbit commando squad, pitting your skill against rabbits who often don’t want to be caught?  You must have a car, a flexible schedule that allows you to help at odd hours and often multiple times at the same location, and good physical conditioning. Supplies such as xpen panels and kennels will be provided.  Experience catching loose rabbits is not required, but a sense of adventure, good humor and patience is an absolute must!


Hoppy Hour is our biggest social gathering, and is held bi-monthly on Sunday afternoons at the San Antonio Humane Society (Fredericksburg Road).  It takes a lot of participation and organization to make this event enjoyable for the bunny participants and their humans.  How can you help?

  • SET UP / BREAK DOWN CREW:  We set up for Hoppy Hour at 1:00 pm, in time to open the doors by 2:00 pm.  Breakdown and clean up begins at 4:00 pm, and includes sweeping and light mopping the floor, bagging trash, packing away all supplies, breaking down tables, and loading up.  If you are able to arrive timely, lift up to 30 lbs, bend and twist, then you will enjoy this job.
  • NAIL TRIMS / GROOMING / WEIGHT CHECKS We offer free weight checks, nail trims, and anal gland checks for all bunnies.  If you feel comfortable handling rabbits of all shapes, sizes and temperaments, then you would do great trimming nails, checking anal glands, weighing bunnies (scale provided), and some light grooming.
  • TOY MAKER Are you creative and crafty?  Would you like to make rabbit toys?  All of the rabbit toys sold at Hoppy Hour are assembled from bird toy parts purchased in bulk and assembled at home.  Toy parts will be provided to you.  All you need are a small glue gun, imagination and two hours per week.
  • BUNNY BED AND BLANKET MAKER For those who love to sew and quilt and who can donate no-pill fleece and moisture-wicking batting to make bunny beds, pen blankets and IKEA Duktig doll bed mattresses.
  • HOP SHOP TABLE SALES:  How about Hop Shop Sales Associate?  Can you arrive at 1:00 pm and set up the Hop Shop sales table at Hoppy Hour?  Handle cash sales, Square payments and PayPal payments from 2 pm to 4 pm, then help pack everything away?

Are you ready to get started as a Rabbit Ambassador?  Then fill-out our Volunteer Sign-up Form  and a Volunteer Coordinator will email and/or call you within 48 hours.  Thank you!

Fostering FAQ and Application

Thank you for your interest in opening your home to a foster rabbit!  You probably have many questions.  Fostering is a very emotionally rewarding experience and ACHR tries to make it as positive and easy as possible.  You will receive guidance and information from our Volunteer / Foster Coordinator throughout your time as a fosterer and can expect a prompt response to any problems or questions you may have.

What does ACHR provide to its foster homes?

  • A 30” dog exercise pen (xpen) if you don’t have one
  • Hay and Pellets: ACHR provides the first 20 lbs of Sierra Valley hay or Small Pet Select hay and a bag of quality rabbit pelleted food
  • Litter box and the first bag of litter box pellets (FelinePine, Exquisicat, Patterson’s horse stall pellets, Tractor Supply stall pellets, etc…)
  • All veterinary costs, including spay/neuter surgeries and wellness visits
  • Free bunnysitting if you need to go out of town and can’t find a pet sitter

What does a foster provide?

  • A stable, loving home for rabbits that may never have lived indoors or with a caring, rabbit-friendly family
  • Transport to and from our monthly adoption events and bi-monthly Hoppy Hours
  • Transport to and from the veterinarian for spay/neuter surgery, as well as any necessary veterinary care or treatment
  • A space that is at least 7 ft. x 7 ft on tile or hardwood (if over carpet please overlay with a large sheet of vinyl flooring)
  • Daily fresh mixed green salads
  • Socialization and attention, plus 3 – 4 hours of daily supervised free time in a bunny proofed area
  • Medication, if needed
  • Grooming (daily brushing)

Are you ready to open your home to a rescue rabbit?  To start the foster process and schedule a home visit, please fill-out the Volunteer Sign-Up Form below and our Volunteer / Foster Coordinator will contact you by email or phone within 48 hours.  Thank you!

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