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Alamo City House

Promoting education, care and health of house rabbits
in San Antonio, Texas
Alamo City House Rabbits is a 501(c) 3 non-profit. We were formed in October 2015 as a Facebook group to support those in the San Antonio area who share their home and life with rabbits as indoor companion animals. Domestic rabbits are intelligent and social creatures that for too long have been relegated to backyard hutches.

Alamo City House Rabbits promotes education and outreach to increase awareness of rabbits as spayed or neutered indoor-only pets. We have activities such as Hoppy Hour, monthly adoption events, and education events.

ACHR operates on three principles – Education, Rescue, and Adoption. We fully support the philosophy and principles of the House Rabbit Society, a national companion rabbit advocacy 

and rescue group.

Save a Bunny

December Features

Bonded Pair

ACHR has 38 rabbits in various foster homes, seven of which are bonded pairs. One bonded set is Cookie and Roxy.

Cookie, a 4 year old Harlequin mix, is a very charismatic and excitable little boy! He loves to binky and zoom around the house, and loves to explore new spaces and items. He’s happiest when the objects in his environment get moved around — he’s a bunny who loves to keep things fresh! Cookie is also very food motivated — there’s nothing he won’t do for a treat (especially bananas!). With the right snacks, Cookie loves to learn and perform tricks. When Cookie is relaxing, you’ll likely find him splayed out on a cozy blanket or lounging on a pillow with Roxy by his side.

Roxy, a 4 year old black lop (who also responds to Roxanne), is full of spunk. She loves to dig, shred, and climb. Some of Roxy’s favorite spots are those that give her a vantage point. She’s got a lot of opinions and isn’t afraid to let you know when something isn’t going her way. She’s a quick learner, so it’s easy to teach her tricks! While it’s not her favorite thing, Roxy is okay with being held on occasion. In her free time, you’ll almost always find her at Cookie’s side.

Cookie and Roxy will come with xpens, custom made hay feeder/litter box combo, various toys, timothy hay, and Sherwood Pellets.

If you are interested in meeting Cookie and Roxy, or any of our 38 rabbits, please send an email to

Please find all our adoptable bunnies at and

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Planning to Adopt a Rabbit

In October 2015, Alamo City House Rabbits (ACHR) began as a Facebook group. Founding member, Tina Gilson, thought Facebook would be a great way to exchange information and camaraderie among San Antonians who shared their lives with house rabbits.