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Spaying And

De-sexing or spaying and neutering of female and male rabbits is an essential veterinary procedure to ensure your rabbit becomes the best possible indoor companion. Unaltered rabbits are governed by their hormones and can spray urine, exhibit sexually motivated aggression, and females can suffer high rates of reproductive cancers.
Spaying or neutering is a generally safe and uncomplicated medical procedure when performed by a vet who has experience with rabbits. See the House Rabbit Society articles below for more information.

We have included a list of Rabbit Knowledgeable Vets below.

Rabbit Knowledgeable Vets in the Bexar County Area

This list is a work in-progress as more vets are located in the Bexar County area who have knowledge about the unique medical needs of rabbits. Not all vets have experience caring for rabbits and therefore may not accept rabbits as patients. It is therefore very important that rabbit owners locate a vet before they ever require their services. Rabbits with a mild illness or injury can decline very quickly and die without proper medical care; you don’t want to be hunting for a vet when your rabbit needs help. This is not an exhaustive list and inclusion of a vet on this list is not an endorsement or advertisement for their services; this is an informational listing only. To report any changes, updates or inaccuracies, please contact us at:

After Hours and Emergency Care:

After Hours and Emergency Care: Rabbits are generally hardy pets when well fed and housed indoors. They don't often get sick, but when they do, they should be seen by a vet as soon as possible. Injuries such as broken bones, cuts or torn skin need immediate attention. Illness, particularly gastric distress, respiratory infection, bladder stone blockage, and other aliments can cause serious decline or death in a very short time. Do not take a wait and see approach with rabbits. Emergency and after hours care for rabbits is limited to the following:

Emergency Pet Clinic San Antonio,
8503 Broadway, Suite 105 (corner Loop 410 and Broadway)
San Antonio, TX 78216

These clinics offer
vaccinations for Rabbit
Hemorrhagic Virus RHDV2

Dr. Rebekah Byrd, DVM

Dr. Nicolle Ramirez, DVM

Dr. Amanda Duke, DVM

Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital
13395 Wetmore Road
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Phone: (210) 496-1315

Heritage Oaks
Animal Hospital

4350 East Evans
San Antonio, Texas 78259
(210) 898-8499

Dr. Annette Davis

All Creatures Great & Small Veterinary Hospital
11015 Belair Drive

San Antonio, Texas 7821

Phone: (210) 349-3969

Dr. Kelly Patrick, DVM

Fischer Veterinary Clinic 1631

McQueeney Road New Braunfels,

Texas 78130

Phone: (830) 625-1440

and Clinics:

Dr. Jim Jensen, DVM
Dr. Neira Eisenmann, DVM

Affordable Pet Care NW
5443 Grissom Road
San Antonio, Texas 78238
Phone: (210) 684-2273

Dr. Barbara
Powers, DVM

Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital
12727 Mountain Air
San Antonio, Texas 78249
(IH-10 West & DeZavala Road)
Phone: (210) 696-1700

Dr. Claudia Whippo

Sayers Animal Hospital
10180 Hwy. 87 East Adkins,
Texas 78101
Phone: (210) 649-1581

Dr. Darren

The Ark Pet Hospital
21518 Blanco Rd. Suite 103
San Antonio, Texas 78260
Phone : (210) 495-8387

Dr. Joseph B. Pamplin

Pleasanton Road Animal Hospital
3810 Pleasanton Road
San Antonio, Texas 78221
Phone: (210) 922-8387

Planning to Adopt a Rabbit

In October 2015, Alamo City House Rabbits (ACHR) began as a Facebook group. Founding member, Tina Gilson, thought Facebook would be a great way to exchange information and camaraderie among San Antonians who shared their lives with house rabbits.