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Sorry, but we are unable to accept any more bunnies at this time.

Rehoming Your

Thank you for contacting Alamo City House Rabbits about rehoming your rabbit. Unfortunately, we’re a small rescue and do not have a public shelter; instead, we are a network of foster homes that house and care for our bunnies. We can only keep as many as our foster homes can hold, and that number fluctuates depending on foster home availability. We regret not being able to take in all rabbits that are brought to our attention, but must focus on rabbits from shelters, abandoned, or stray. We currently do not have room in our foster homes at this time for additional bunnies.
We can only suggest you try to rehome your bunny as best you can, but please make sure to ask for a rehoming fee of at least $40. Some people will try to get free or low-cost rabbits for backyard breeding, snake food or dog bait. There are 2 sites that allow you to create your own rehoming page and post a profile – and
Be sure to include nice photos, and a short bio that talks about your bunny’s personality; and make sure it’s clear that you will only place them in the best home.