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    Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue rabbit from Alamo City House Rabbits! We adopt rabbits as indoor only companion animals for the entire family. In order to help place the right rabbit with the right family, we need some basic information. An adult 18 years old or older must fill out the application, include his/her contact information on the application, and submit the form to us for review. Please fill out the application to the best of your ability, making sure to complete all sections. If a question does not pertain to your situation, please enter “N/A” or “Not Applicable”. An adoption counselor will review your application and respond within 72 hours. Please be patient with us as we’re all volunteers. If you have not heard back from one of our adoption coordinators within 72 hours, please send a follow-up email to

    First Name:

    Last Name:

    Street Address:




    Phone Number (Cell):


    Email Address:

    Do you agree to a home visit by an adoption coordinator prior to adoption? (Due to Covid 19 and Rabbit Hemorrhagic Virus safety measures this will be done as a ‘virtual’ visit using Facebook Live or Zoom)?


    Do you own or rent your home / apartment?

    Own HomeRent HomeRent Apartment

    If renting, does your lease allow rabbits?


    List all Family Members and/or Roommates: (names and ages of all other residents of your home)

    Who would be the primary caretaker?

    Please describe your home life: (ie: active, quiet, hours spent at home)

    Does everyone above know you are considering adopting a rabbit?


    Does everyone listed above agree to an adopted rabbit in the home?


    What made you decide to adopt a rabbit and what kind of companion animal do you expect from a rabbit?

    Have you had a rabbit in the past?


    If yes, do you still have this rabbit? If not, please explain why?

    If you are adopting a rabbit as a companion for a current rabbit, tell us about your rabbit; including age, breed, health, spayed or neutered, and if vaccinated against the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Virus?

    Do you have any preferences for your new rabbit with regard to age, size, sex, color or breed?

    Approximately how many hours a day will you spend with your rabbit?

    How and where do you plan to house your new rabbit companion?

    Can you allow a rabbit to have 3-4 hours per day of cage-free indoor time?


    Rabbits are natural chewers. Are you prepared to rabbit-proof your home?


    *Do you have any other animal companions in your home? If yes, please describe them; breed, sex, age, if they are spayed or neutered and where they live:

    Where else have you looked to adopt a rabbit?

    How did you hear about Alamo City House Rabbits?

    Do you have a vet who cares for your animals?


    May we contact your vet for reference?


    Vet’s Name / Clinic:

    Do you have any questions, comments or other information that should be considered with your application? Please list all Bunny's you are interested in meeting