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    Foster Home Contract

    This Rabbit Foster Home Contract is entered into by and between the above listed Foster Home and the above listed Adoption Agency concerning the fostering of the above described rabbit.

    The Fosterer / Foster Home and Alamo City House Rabbits (“ACHR”) agree as follows (PLEASE INITIAL EACH):

    The Foster

    • Will care for the animal in the most humane manner and provide a diet as directed by ACHR.

    • Will house the animal indoors in the Fosterer’s own home until the animal is adopted or returned to an agent of ACHR.

    • Will promptly notify the ACHR if the animal has an ailment, injury, or illness.

    • Will not allow the animal to breed, be used for vivisection, nor subjected to any inhumane treatment.

    • Will not abandon, sell, give away, dispose of, turn over to or relinquish custody or possession of the rabbit except to return the animal to ACHR.

    • Understands and agrees that fostering this rabbit does not give permanent ownership rights to the Fosterer / Foster Home.

    • Will return the rabbit promptly to ACHR upon request.

    • Will bring the rabbit for adoption meetings, routine vet visits, or at any time upon request of ACHR. It is the fosterer’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from these events.

    • If fosterer is planning on going on vacation or out of town, the fosterer will contact the Foster Coordinator to arrange boarding with ACHR; under no circumstances will the fosterer allow another person outside ACHR to “bunsit” or leave the rabbit in the care of another without consent of ACHR’s Foster Coordinator.

    • The Foster Home / Fosterer further agrees that if, for any reason, they do not wish to continue to foster this rabbit or if they cannot abide by all the terms of the Contract, they will promptly return the rabbit to ACHR.

    Alamo City House Rabbits (“ACHR”)

    • Shall have the right to inspect the animal at any reasonable time with reasonable notice.

    • Will accept the rabbit back promptly, should the animal be returned for any reason.

    • Will obtain and pay for all veterinary care if notified by the Fosterer/ Foster Home in advance that such is needed for the rabbit, and if such care is not necessitated by the fosterer’s violation of any of the requirements the fosterer agreed to above.

    The Fosterer/Foster Home hereby certifies that all the information on this application is true and understands that false information may void this contract and any future contracts. The Fosterer/Foster Home also understands that failure to comply with future requirements, such as spaying or neutering, could result in their inability to foster more animals from this organization. The Fosterer / Foster Home understands that Alamo City House Rabbits is not liable or responsible for damage to the home or personal property of the Fosterer, and Alamo City House Rabbits is not responsible for payment of any repairs, replacements or reimbursement for damage caused by the foster rabbit(s) to the home or personal property of the fosterer / foster home. The Fosterer / Foster Home understands that it is their responsibility to take reasonable precautions to protect their property and to properly bunny-proof the area the foster rabbit will have access to in their home.

    Fosterer / Foster Home

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