So you want to be a rabbit foster?

Fostering is our greatest need.  We do not have a brick & mortar shelter to house our rescues; we operate as a foster-based rescue and rely on our foster homes to house all rescue rabbits.  This can be a great blessing to our rescue rabbits because as a fosterer, you provide a rescue rabbit with a stable, loving home until an adopter gives them a permanent place to call their own.  A foster does not have to have prior rabbit experience.  We can teach anyone to care for rabbits; you bring the love and commitment!  In fact, fostering can be a great way to meet many different rabbits and enjoy each of their fun personalities without the 10 – 12 year commitment of adoption.  Foster assignments can be short-term (1 to 4 months) or long-term (4 months till adoption).  Want to learn more and apply to be one of our bunny fosters? Our Foster FAQ is just below!


Here are the items you will need to foster:

  • A 30” dog exercise pen (xpen) (inexpensive on Amazon)
  • Adult Oxbow pellets (Rabbits do not need the feed with seeds)
  • Litter box
  • (FelinePine, Exquisicat, Patterson’s horse stall pellets, Tractor Supply stall pellets, etc…)

ACHR will provide:

  • Hay
  • All veterinary costs, including spay/neuter surgeries and wellness visits
  • Free bunnysitting if you need to go out of town and can’t find a pet sitter

What does a foster provide?

  • A stable, loving home for rabbits that may never have lived indoors or with a caring, rabbit-friendly family
  • Transport to and from our monthly adoption events and bi-monthly Hoppy Hours
  • Transport to and from the veterinarian for spay/neuter surgery, as well as any necessary veterinary care or treatment
  • A space that is at least 7 ft. x 7 ft on tile or hardwood
    • (if over carpet please overlay with a large sheet of vinyl flooring)
  • Daily fresh mixed green salads
  • Socialization and attention, plus 3 – 4 hours of daily supervised free time in a bunny proofed area
  • Medication, if needed
  • Grooming (daily brushing)

Are you ready to open your home to a rescue rabbit?  To start the foster process and schedule a home visit, please fill-out the Volunteer Sign-Up Form below and our Volunteer / Foster Coordinator will contact you by email or phone within 48 hours.  Thank you!